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Please Bring Me to Safety

Young Evil

Working for the Future in the Interlake


No Harm

 3.  Tour 

(No shows will be played in support of Trust Fall.)

 4 .   About the Band 

Yes We Mystic has been many things in its decade of existence. In the beginning, it was a group of high schoolers making music on borrowed instruments in a basement in Winnipeg Manitoba; in a few short years it had become an internationally-touring musical powerhouse being praised as “art pop transformers” (Julijana Capone, BeatRoute Magazine) charged with a “fearless creative energy” (Exclaim!). By 2019, for the release of their sophomore album Ten Seated Figures, they had reinvented themselves as a performance art collective (an alternate
version of the band played by artists and actors did interviews, starred in videos, and hosted live performances as the band prodded at the nature of memory). Shortly thereafter the band’s longtime rehearsal space, reborn as House of Wonders, became the beating heart of off-kilter indie music in Winnipeg as frontman Adam Fuhr became a sought-after producer—producing work from JayWood, Virgo Rising, Amos the Kid, and Julien’s Daughter, among dozens more. And now, they return as art-rock veterans for the release of their third and final album, Trust Fall, this October.

For a time, the band’s return was uncertain. As Yes We Mystic approached their tenth year together, the five members found themselves pulled in different directions. It became clear that their singularly-focused and hard-touring days had come to an end. In the earliest days of 2021, the band considered calling it quits all together, feeling as though they’d rather end on a high note rather than suffer a slow decline in the focus of their meticulous and ever-layered work.

In the end, it was their new songs that had the final say. Sensing that they were in the middle of writing the strongest material of their career, Adam Fuhr, Keegan Steele, Jensen Fridfinnson, Jodi Plenert and Jordon Ottenson agreed to a final phase—a proper sendoff—governed by two strict rules: that they would only create something if they could make it better than everything they’d done before, and that they would only work on one aspect of the release at a time, not knowing what the final outcome would look like.

The result was threefold – a new album called Trust Fall, an accompanying art piece called Trust Fall Hotline, and a reality bending four-song live video which will see the return of past
members Eric Ross and Solana Johannson, performing for the first time as a seven piece. No live shows will accompany the release.

Trust Fall was recorded over 36 days at House of Wonders, the band’s second full-length to be produced by Fuhr. The ten song album is the band’s most cohesive and nuanced work, a seesaw of stark, tender vulnerability and frenzied bombast, brought to life by the band and their tight-knit web of collaborators. Trust Fall features guest performances from Olivier Macharia of the Polaris Prize nominated Super Duty Tough Work, Chelliot Osuntade from alt-rock group Julien’s Daughter, Leigh Lugosi of the ambient project Gora, and a full-band feature from the House of Wonders-signed Virgo Rising. The record was mixed by John Paul Peters (Tanya Tagaq, Begonia), and mastered by Cam Loeppky (The Weakerthans, The Constantines). It arrived October 21st 2022 on vinyl and streaming services via DevilDuck Records.

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